Switch Location Edit

The cruise control cancelling switch is located on the brake pedal arm adjacent to the separate brake light switch. On vehicles with a clutch, another switch will be located on the clutch pedal shaft.

Locating brake switches is pretty much the same process on practically every vehicle made. It's a simple process of locating a familiar landmark (the brake pedal itself) and following a well-marked trail (the arm that the pedal is mounted on) to the destination (the switch). As an example, watch this video of a brake light/cruise control switch being replaced on a Chevy Tahoe. Starting at 0:57, the guy says "So basically you got the brake pedal. Simply follow it up and there's the switch right there."

Switch Characteristics Edit

The switch has a two-wire connection that breaks continuity when the brake pedal is depressed. It also has a vacuum line connection. This vacuum line opens to the atmosphere when the brake pedal is depressed. The switch body threads into a swedged clip through a metal bracket rather than a properly threaded nut.


The old switch in the process of being removed. The body of the switch is rotated counterclockwise to unthread it from the clip.


In this photo the CC switch is absent. The clip into which the switch will be threaded can be seen in the space next to the brake light switch.


The top part of the clip can be seen.


New vs. old. A little white rubber bumper came off.


Switch installed, wiring and vacuum hooked up.


A view of the switches after removing ctr console.


Crop of previous photo.