IMG 1999 Aqua

OBD 2 Readers can show you various pieces of information that aren't available on the standard dash.

  1. Transmission temperature
    1. Scangauge supports, not sure about Kiwi
  2. Miles per Gallon (MPG)
  3. More accurate Water Temperature
    1. The dash gauge is really a dumb sensor
  4. Trip data, like average MPG or top speed, average speed.
  5. Read trouble Codes
    1. Find out why the engine light is on

Programming info for ScanGaugeII can be found here: .

These screenshots show how to code gauges on the app for the UltraGauge Blue for WTR (Engine Coolant - redundant because a gauge for this is available out of the box) and TFT (Transmission Fluid Temperature). These are experimental. These were updated 04/20/2018. If you used the code on this page before that date, please use these instead.

UltraWTR2 UltraTFT3


  1. Aftermarket stereo harnesses, on some models, can destroy or be incompatible with OBD Readers.
    • Solution is to cut the K line so that power is not sent over the line (traditionally the power is sent to extend powered antennae)
    • Article for more details