The power circuits for the two radiator fans are protected by two 50A strip fuses. They are located within the battery compartment.


There are more than one strip fuse boxes within the battery compartment. This photo includes two of them.


The radiator fan fuses are located in the box shown.

CAM00200 (768x1024)

Location in early model Eurovans.

There is a video of fuse replacement in an early model here .

Emergency RepairsEdit

The correct strip fuse is available only at the dealer and from specialized Eurovan parts sellers. Auto parts stores don't carry this part but some do carry a package of strip fuses for Honda vehicles that contain fuses of 45A, 55A and one other one. The fuses are too long, but can be carefully bent to fit. Only the 45A fuse is suitable as a temporary replacement until the correct fuse can be obtained. These temporary replacements can be found in Dorman HELP! part number 60370 or Littlefuse part number 094413.


Temporary replacement. Too long.

These strip fuses can fail in at least a couple of different ways.

  1. The metal can become brittle with age and develop a hairline fracture. This kind of failure can be impossible to see until the fuse is removed and falls into pieces.
  2. As with all fuses, excess current can cause the fuse to 'blow'. A blown fuse is always indicative of an electrical problem so be sure to find the cause before you replace the fuse.
For safety, remove the negative terminal of the battery while working on the fuses.