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This wiki is specifically for those interested in Volkswagen's T4 fourth-generation Transporter, known in the US as the Eurovan. Wikis are segmented, or indexed, into topics by a builtin feature of wiki software called 'categories'. Near the bottom of each page on the wiki is a box for categories. Clicking on the following link Special:Categories or on the word 'categories' at the bottom of any page in the category box, allows you to see all the categories currently defined for this wiki.

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Feel free to add new articles or edit existing articles. Members of the Eurovan community in North America can be found in the ev_update Yahoo group, in a Google Plus group here, and on a forum on the The Samba. Facebook groups include Eurovan Owners Unite and VW Eurovan Campers. offers a Eurovan specific repair shop database. Anyone can contribute to this wiki.

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Other wikis exist in German and in French.

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